48 hours in Milan

Before I headed into the dark depths of my first Norwegian winter, I decided to meet up with my friend Sare. We started our Euro adventure with 48 hours in Milan.

I booked us a room at Brera Apartments. A wonderful little place within walking distance to the heart of the city. I could have stayed here much longer than two nights.

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I arrived first and caught the train into the city to find our apartment. I was impressed I managed to find it without getting lost! (a bit unusual for me). Wandering around the streets of Brera, I was constantly amazed by the beautiful old buildings. They sure don’t make them like this anymore. I also had the most amazing sorbet. Ever. Lemon and strawberry… mmm.

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Gelato, Summer

Early in the evening, I meet Sare and we headed to the Bvlgari Hotel for pre-dinner cocktails. Afterwards we headed into the city for a bit more of a look around. Two spectacular buildings stood out: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (one of the world’s first shopping centres) and Duomo (the worlds 4th largest cathedral). Before we knew it, it was nearly 11pm and we still needed to eat. We settled down at a little cafe for my first taste of Italian pasta. I had the pesto by the way.

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Cocktails, Bvlgari

We started the day with a typical Italian breakfast: brioche and cappuccino standing up. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but when in… Milan. We had a plan for the day and needed to stay focused. Shopping focused. Saying that we did try to see Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. However it turns out you need to book a time slot, as only 12 people can see it at any one time. We weren’t thinking that far ahead at the time.

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Breakfast, Coffee, Brioche, Traditional

I was keen to try a Milanese risotto, so after our failed-attempt to see The Last Supper, we found an underground restaurant. We shared a table with a couple of Italians and ate a very delicious risotto (accompanied by wine of course).

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Lunch, Milanese Risotto

We also checked out the inside of the Duomo. I had to wear two scarfs to cover up my shoulders and knees. I thought was strange because many of the paintings inside were showing a lot more skin than me. Kidding.

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Tourist, Duomo, Cathedral  Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Tourist, Cathedral, Duomo  Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Tourist, Duomo, Cathedral, Pipe Organ

But we were on a mission: buy a pair of Italian leather heels and some swimmers for the next part of our trip.Thank goodness the shops are open until 7pm. One of the most beautiful shopping centres I have ever seen is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. While we didn’t buy anything there is was just as wonderful during the day, as well as at night.

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Tourist, Shopping Centre, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

It had been a big day and we didn’t feel like venturing too far away from our apartment for dinner. Luckily there was a bistro next door. We sampled some cocktails, a salad and a tarte tatin.

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Cocktails

Overall, Milan was pretty, but was rather quiet for a cosmopolitan city. I was told afterwards that the city empties during the month of August due to all the locals heading elsewhere on their holidays. I’d be happy to spend another 48 hours in Milan.

Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City  Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City  201208_Milanm  Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City  Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Door  Milan, Italy, Europe, Travel, City, Park

2 thoughts on “48 hours in Milan

  1. Looks like a fantastic city to wander through. Love your photos – thanks for sharing Milan with me. One of these days I will get there.

    • Coming from Australia, I am always amazed at streets and buildings that are hundreds and hundreds of years old.

      Thanks for checking out my website! 🙂

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