A Bachelorette Party in Saint Raphael

We arrived at Saint Raphael train station for the bachelorette party. A beautiful seaside town in the French Riviera. We were picked up by Nadia and her soon-to-be husband, Gisle. The “g” is pronounced like the g in “nugget” and his name is pronounced Gis-leh”.

Our accommodation is a holiday house to be shared with 15 friends, who will be attending the wedding (except for me, I’m just crashing the bachelorette party). It’s a big house with a pool and within walking distance to the main part of town. Each room had a lovely gift from Nadia and Gisle, a bottle of rosé wine. Little did I know that the next three days were going to be fueled by rosé wine.

Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Wine  Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Pool

On the Monday, a few of us headed in to town to get some supplies (read: more alcohol) for a BBQ at the parents of the Bride’s house. Another beautiful rental house with a pool. After a night of drinking bottles of “Confidence” we got taxis back to our house. While waiting we could see about 4 piglets and a couple of wild pigs wandering around a vacant lot. I’m sure they were just as surprised to see us as we were to see them.

Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Wine

Tuesday was the bachelorette party in Saint Raphael. A lunchtime soirée at a local restaurant on the beach (and I mean on the beach, my feet were on the sand). Each of the ladies were given a show bag by the bridesmaids containing:

  • Sparkling water
  • Red Bull shot
  • Moisturizer
  • Lollies and chocolate
  • A printed picture of Gisle with a photo challenge on the back – mine was to get a photo of Nadia, the printed photo, myself and a dog (preferably a French poodle)

It was a fun day that ended up back at the house, swimming, playing games and of course drinking.

Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Beach  Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Bachelorette  Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Bachelorette Party, Game  Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Bachelorette Party

We didn’t end up leaving the house, so I didn’t see a poodle between lunch and bedtime and I wasn’t able to complete my photo challenge 🙁

On the Wednesday most of us headed into town. I had some running around to do and managed to get lost. I didn’t think it was possible in such a small town, but Noonie and I managed to… twice. Along the way we checked out the boats in the marina and “rode horses along the beach”. Also got to have a quick swim in the ocean before jumping on yet another train.

Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel  Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel

The overnight train wasn’t too bad. I had the top bunk in a women’s only cabin. After a bit of reading, I fell asleep and woke up in Paris around 7:30am.

Saint Raphael, France, Europe Travel, Train, Overnight

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