A Snowy Australia Day

In a year of firsts, I hosted an Australia Day BBQ indoors, as it was -17 and snowing outside.

But that didn’t stop me putting on a good Aussie spread: sausage rolls, mini party pies, potato salad, coleslaw, sausage sandwiches with grilled onions and for dessert… lamination cake and mini Pavs. Yum!
Australia Day, Celebrate, Lunch, Homeamade
Trying to make food that’s fairly ordinary in one country while shopping in another country can be a bit of challenge. First,¬†all¬†ingredients are in another language. Secondly, some ingredients don’t exist so you have to try and find substitutes. Lucky there’s a Facebook page “Aussies in Oslo” who have faced many of the same challenges before.
Let’s take the sausage rolls for example… step 1: find a good recipe (thanks again Donna Hay), then step 2: find the ingredients. Finding the pastry was interesting, I must have checked four different food shops, but I could only find one and it wasn’t called puff pastry. I know I probably could have made it myself, but who has time for that! I couldn’t find breadcrumbs either, but did make those myself. I won’t tell you much these little delicious pastry parcels cost – cooking in Norway isn’t exactly a cheap option, but it was Australia Day and you need to have sausage rolls.
But I managed to turn these ingredients:
Australia Day, Celebrate, Lunch, Homeamade, Ingredients, Sausage Rolls
Into these golden, flakey and yummy sausage rolls:
Australia Day, Celebrate, Lunch, Homeamade, Sausage Rolls
Everyone seemed to enjoy the food and I have to say its the first time I’ve had my coleslaw referred to as “exotic”… must have been the wasabi paste I substituted for horseradish cream.
I also received an education in having items delivered to Norway. The short lesson: don’t. I ordered a few flags etc over the internet, about $20 worth (so should have been under the 25% sales tax that Norway applies for goods over $30). Besides the flags not turning up in time, the post office still wanted to charge me over 200 kroner (about $20 Australian). Needless to say there was a bit of an argument and not a very fulfilling response. Ah well. You live and learn.

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