A visit to the Czech Beer Festival

As with most trips, I like to see what’s happening in the city. so I don’t miss out on something really cool. On my recent trip to Prague, I’d read that the Český Pivní Festival aka Czech Beer Festival was on. While I don’t usually drink a lot of beer myself, the Czech Republic is known for it’s beer and thought I’d give it a go.

With all the rain in Prague during our weekend visit, escaping into a beer tent seemed like a good idea. Finding the festival was a bit tricky though. We caught a tram up to the exhibition grounds, but once we were there, we had trouble finding the beer tents. We couldn’t hear anything and we started to wander around the massive park. We came across some awesome buildings, but no festival. There were no signs anywhere. We ended up turning on the global roaming on our phone and looking up the map again. Obviously we found it 🙂

Upon arrival I thought the tables would be full of drunken revellers clinking their beer steins together. But on a Sunday afternoon, it was a bit more sedate. The main tent had a decent line-up of local bands, mostly rock oriented, which was good. There was also a pretty decent choice of food (unless you’re vegetarian, then I’m not sure what you’d be eating).

Czech Beer Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, Beer

The specialty beers where on the other side in separate tents. Good thing they were heated, because it got below 10 degrees and was quite chilly. You had to buy a pre-loaded card of beer tokens or “thaler”  to purchase beer and food. Each thaler was worth 45 Czech Republic Koruny (CRK), which is about €2.35. Most beers were 1 thaler. Not being a big beer drinker, I tried one of the flavoured options: Černá Hora “Refresh”, which was beer mixed with a cranberry and grapefruit lemonade. I quite liked it, and on a hot day would have easily had another. My partner prefers pale ales and sampled quite a few and seemed to enjoy them.

Prague, Czech Republic, Travel, Weekend, Czech Beer Festival

Other than the band, what made the day enjoyable was watching the bachelor parties. When we were arrived in the afternoon they were pretty well behaved. But as the day turned into night, they got a bit more courage. The guys in one of the parties were all dressed up in German-styled lederhosen, except the groom. He was in a wedding dress. They looked to be having so much fun and plenty of people interacted with them. There was even a giant congo line, led by the groom/bride-to-be. What a laugh.

Czech Beer Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, Beer  Czech Beer Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, Beer, Bucks Party, Bachelor Party  Czech Beer Festival, Prague, Czech Republic, Beer, Bucks Party. Bachelor Party

Maybe because it was a Sunday, or maybe because it’s still a relatively new festival (this was the sixth year) it’s got a bit to go before it can compete with Oktoberfest. But, if you like you’re beer and a bit of rock music, this is a festival to check out.

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