Beers, Beaches and Vineyards, Perth

Over the years, I had seen a lot of Australia but never ventured over to the West Side (feel free to pronounce that “west siiieeeede!”, I know I just did).

Only when I started to date a Norwegian did I put the plan in place to visit.

People are surprised at how big Australia is. It often gets thought of as just an island in the Pacific. The flight time from Sydney to Perth is just over 4 hours and is similar to flying N.Y. To L.A.

What I loved the most was watching the sun set in to the sea. Something you don’t get on the East  Coast of Australia.

Planet Lew, Sunset, Beach, Perth, Australia, Travel  Planet Lew, Sunset, Beach, Perth, Australia, Travel

We hired a car and went to Fremantle and the Margaret River where we could eat and drink ourselves silly for a few days.

In Freemantle we headed to the Little Creatures Brewery. Right on the water, they served up freshly made pizzas from their pizza oven and of course it was washed down with a cold beer. Their Bright Ale seems to be a favourite of ours.

Planet Lew, Perth, Australia, Travel, Little Creatures, Brewery, Beer, Freemantle

One of our favourite vineyards included Vasse Felix, where we were able to sample some of their sparkling wine. They had a white and a red. The red was called Black Knight and was based on a Shiraz. It tasted a bit like Christmas cake, although it was served chilled. We bought a few bottles to take home.

Many vineyards also had some beautiful outdoors spaces and sculptures (as well as beautiful wines).

Planet Lew, Perth, Australia, Travel, Vineyard, Margaret River  Planet Lew, Perth, Australia, Travel, Vineyard, Margaret River

We also headed to Rottnest Island. With the sun shining I thought I’d go for a swim. But the water was freezing – I couldn’t even get into the water up to my waist. I’m such a chicken.

Planet Lew, Perth, Australia, Rottnest Island, Beach, Swimming, Summer  Planet Lew, Beach, Perth, Australia, Rottnest Island, Summer, Travel

So many places were picturesque along the coast. I’m sure the beautiful weather helped.

Planet Lew, Perth, Beach, Travel, Australia


Do you travel more overseas than in your own country?

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