Bucket List #29: Graduate with a Masters in Business Administration

What’s a girl to do when she’s finished a major project at work? Start a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)! And what better way to keep the pressure on, but add a tight deadline for good measure.

In an attempt not to study for too long (and try and graduate before I turned 30), I applied for exemptions using my undergrad subjects. The result: two subjects exempt = one less semester of study.

Three and a half years of two subjects a week, six assessments a semester and changing roles at work four times… I was able to graduate ahead of schedule. I don’t think I alienated my partner and friends too much.

Graduation, Sydney Harbour, MBA, Masters in Business Administration, Bucket List

I did learn a bit about multi-cultural work groups… not everyone has the same ideas, that’s for sure. One of the classes I took was in a block lesson format, where we would come in on Saturday and Sunday once a month to do the coursework. It meant you really had to trust the other members in your group where doing what they needed for the assignment. We would meet up occasionally to make sure we were all on track.

Except one girl, she never turned up to the meetings. And when it was time to review our work, her work (and I’m being nice) was terrible. Cut and pasted from unreferenced sources. Horrible spelling and grammar. Just a block of text really. We all had full time jobs as well and couldn’t spend the time to re-write her section and the deadline was pressing. A couple of guys went to speak to the lecturer about what we should do. When we told the girl we had seen the lecturer, she went berserk! Screaming and waving her arms, saying how dare we talk to the lecturer. I was blown away from that reaction. It turns out, she was offended that we had got an authority-type figure involved. Personally, I would have been more embarrassed by the public display of rage on campus than knowing that my group spoke to the lecturer.

Have you experienced a cultural misunderstanding?

But it’s all a learning experience, and not just what’s in the text book. Plus I got to graduate with a Masters in Business Administration in one of the most beautiful harbours in the world – Sydney Harbour.

Graduation, Sydney Harbour, MBA, Masters in Business Administration, Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list?

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