First day of summer in Oslo at Musikkfest

It was the first of June, the day Oslo hosts Musikkfest. The sun was shining and even better, the temperature got above 20 degrees, which, as an Aussie living in Oslo, I was really happy about. I didn’t realise how much I had missed the warmth of the sun.

What better way to enjoy the first day of summer than with a free city-wide music festival. You read right, in one of the world’s most expensive cities, Oslo has a lot to offer for the budget minded traveler.

There were over 30 venues dotted around the city, with many located outside in public spaces. From folk music to rock n roll, hip hop to world music, there was something for everyone.

I’m a fan of rock n roll, so started my day at Christiana Torg. I was pleasantly surprised not only to hear great music, but also see some talented swing dancers getting in to the rhythm.

Oslo, Norway, Music, Festival, Roch N Roll, Musikkfest

We then went to check out some reggae. I wouldn’t call the performers reggae, more hip hop, but it was still enjoyable.

Oslo, Norway, Music, Festival, Musikkfest

With the sun high in the sky, we made our way up to Grünerløkka to discover what the stages in the park had to offer. Birkelunden was packed! Not a blade of grass was free, so we headed to Olaf Ryes Plass. Our friends had a table in the beer garden that we managed to squeeze in to. We caught the whole set of Shyfinger Meets Electra, an indie band with a hipster feel.

Oslo, Norway, Music, Festival, Musikkfest  Oslo, Norway, Music, Festival, Musikkfest  Oslo, Norway, Music, Festival, Musikkfest

We then grabbed some blankets and some snacks (and more drinks) and settled in to the park to hear the rest of the bands. Here’s a shot of Hi Ho Mustachio.

Oslo, Norway, Music, Festival, Musikkfest

What I love about Oslo in the summertime is how late the sun stays up. It can be 11pm at night and the sun is still not setting. I took this picture around 1:30am and you see the night isn’t pitch black.

Oslo, Norway, Music, Festival, Musikkfest

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