My First Friends to Visit Me in Oslo

Two great friends of mine arrived to visit me in Oslo. Days before, the city was covered in snow. However the constant rain had washed it all away, leaving just wet ground and temperatures around 3 degrees.

Not letting a bit of rain get to us, we woke up, had a typical Norwegian-style breakfast of bread and a range of toppings and headed into the city. The goals of the day:

  • Catch the t-bane (subway train) to Holmenkollen ski jump
  • Have waffles at Frognerseteren cafe
  • Dinner at Olympen

Oslo, Norway, Holmenkollen Ski Jump  Oslo, Norway, Holmenkollen, City View  Oslo, Norway, Holmenkollen, Fjord, City ViewOslo, Norway, City at Night  Oslo, Norway, Cherry Beer, Pub  Oslo, Norway, Restaurant, Traditional, Norwegian Food

A great day out. We got to see the 60m ski jump (seems like a terrifying thing to do). Afterwards we had a hot chocolate and pastries at Frognersetern cafe (unfortunately no waffles). There were some stunning views of the city and remnants of snow in the mountains. The 3-course dinner at Olympen was yum, with a salmon entree, cod for the main and rice pudding for dessert.

On day two, the plan was:

  • See the Oslo Opera House aka Den Norske Opera & Ballett
  • See Akershus Castle – a medieval castle from the 13th century
  • Visit the Nobel Peace Prize Museum and read about the Peace Laureates
  • Walk along Aker Brygge
  • Look at the sculptures in Vigelandsparken

A late start to the day, meant we didn’t get through the whole list. It was still raining, but we walked along top of the Opera House. Akershus Castle was closed for a government function, so we could only walk around the grounds. We wen to the Nobel Peace Centre read about the Nobel Peace laureates. There was also a great exhibition on Ghandi (who was murdered before he was able to win the Peace Prize). By the time we finished at the museum, it was dark outside, so didn’t get a chance to see Aker Brygge or the sculptures. Feeling a bit cold we had a home-made dinner in the comfort (and warmth) of our apartment.

Day three, we checked out Aker Brygge and some of the ‘interesting’ sculptures on public display at the Astrup Fernley Muset (a private collection of modern contemporary art) and wandered through Vigeland Park (featuring 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s).

We then caught the t-barne to Sognsvann, and walked around the lake to the north of Oslo. Quite a pretty spot.

Oslo, Norway, Lake, Sognsvann

We also managed to spend half an hour in the National Gallery, where famous works from Munch, Picasso and Monet, before it was closed and we were quickly ushered out. A bailey’s coffee on the 21st floor of the Radisson with views of the city warmed us up a bit before we caught the tram to Muchas Mas for some Mexican food.

Hopefully a fun and interesting stay for my friends and I’m sure they’re looking forward to a few weeks in the sunshine during the next leg of their journey. I’m looking forward to more friends coming to visit me in Oslo.

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