I heart NY

Nothing like a historic blizzard to delay your travel plans. But we finally arrived a day and a half later. Note: be prepared for 20 questions at every step of the way when flying in to the U.S. But at the end of the day, it’s still a city that makes you say “I heart NY”.

Within a few hours of arriving, I found myself in a low-lit room surrounded by people in masks. I too had a mask on (no, it’s not an Eyes Wise Shut fantasy). I was in the middle of a theatrical performance in a style unique to New York. Although I’d just flew in from Oslo and my body thought it was 7am I ordered another Dragon’s Blood (aka mulled wine) and finished watching the live band. If you get the chance, look up “Sleep No More” and book yourself in.

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What a smashing good start to my first visit to the Big Apple.

We booked a room at The Ace Hotel on 29th and Broadway. The place was always pumping and full of hipsters discussing their next project/pilot/social media venture. I liked the place and not just because we were given an upgrade to a bigger room (every inch counts in this city). Loved the retro decoré… so much thought given in to every detail.

NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Ace Hotel

After a decent sleep in and a hearty breakfast we put on some comfy shoes for a day of walking around Manhatten. First stop The Highline where we saw a few snow sculptures (guessing the blizzard provided some extra material).

NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Highline  NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break  NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Higheline

Here’s some of the sculptures:

Then we wandered through Chelsea Markets, where I wished I wasn’t still full from breakfast.

NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Chelsea Markets

After a quick stop at Wall Street we headed to Battery Park for a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.

NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Statue of Liberty

We attempted to act a bit more like a local and caught the subway up to the Rockerfeller building only to become tourists again… we bought the ticket to the top floor. Lucky for us the sun was starting to set and enjoyed watching the colours change over the sprawling city.

NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Rockefeller Centre  NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Rockefeller Center

Time for a bit of culture at MoMA. A great collection of modern art. My favourite pop artist Roy Leichenstein was no where to be found, but plenty of Warhol and other great artists though.

As recommended by a local friend, we had dinner at Sushi Yasuda. Not in the best of locations, but top quality sushi. We didn’t book and were lucky to get a table at 9pm.

I’m pretty sure Tuesday was our third day of bacon. The hotel’s restaurant had a quality menu with house-cured bacon on offer and we couldn’t get enough of it. But this was the most outrageous breakfast choice: deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich, with a bourbon vanilla sauce. And a side of bacon. A breakfast fit for a King (the King of Rock that is).

A walk up 5th Avenue and Central Park helped to digest some of the bacon consumed. The squirrels may or may not have been attracted to our peanut M&M’s.

NYC, New York, New York City, Travel, City Break, Central Park, Sqiurrels

If you were wondering where an hour on a bus heading North West gets you, it’ll take you to Westfield Garden State Plaza. A dual purpose visit, but mainly we went to take advantage of no sales tax on clothes. I have some advice for Abercrombie & Fitch: it’s time to reduce the amount of cheap scent that’s perpetually sprayed throughout the store… enough is enough.

We tried to see a Knicks game, but didn’t look for tickets early enough. So we watched part of the game in a pub across the road, then met up with some friends who were lucky enough (or had more forthought) to see the game.

On our last we spent it doing some shopping around Prince St and it’s trendy surrounds. Some really great boutiques where you can pick up something that matches your style, what ever it is.

And of course, a little more touristy sight-seeing.

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And just as we started this little trip with a delayed flight to NYC, we topped it off with a delayed flight home. I just want to say, Newark Airport is not an entertaining place to spend four or five hours.

Other than that, New York City really is in my top list of cites. You can see in the photos that we had pretty good weather for February (even though the blizzard had just hit the city).  I would almost recommend going around this time. Hotels are a lot cheaper and attractions are a lot quieter, so there’s less lines. I certainly left the city thinking “I heart NY”.

21 thoughts on “I heart NY

    • It really is the city for everyone. It has so much to offer all year round.

  1. These made me a little cold just looking at them! I love NYC in the winter though around Christmas. It just feels so Christmasy!! Iceskating in Central Park, window shopping, and seeing all of the lights! It sure can be freezing though with the wind whipping through the buildings!
    Anna recently posted…Road Trip and Camping-Rincon, Dominican RepublicMy Profile

    • Growing up in Australia, I normally would have thought the same. But as I’ve been living in Oslo for a year, I didn’t think NYC was cold at all! 🙂

    • 5 days wasn’t enough. I’m not even sure 5 years will be enough! Hopefully one day I can test that out.

    • I think NYC is the type of city you can visit again and again and still find new things. Hopefully you can discover more on your next trip.

    • I would love to see it in Spring time. Also, I think they just extended it or made a new section. NYC is always changing – I think it’s time for another visit 😉

  2. Ahh I really shouldn’t have read that post – it makes me miss NYC. I used to live right near Prince Street – such a nice area! Great photos and I can’t wait to see where you go next!
    Phoebe (Short Road To Happy) recently posted…Tipping PointMy Profile

    • Thanks Phoebe! I’d love to live in NYC. 5 days just wasn’t enough. I felt I could of continued discovering exciting corners of the city for years and years.

    • As a first-timer on this trip, I couldn’t stop walking around with my eyes wide in amazement. Hope you guys enjoy the trip!

  3. I’m making my first trip to NYC this November, and it was so cool to read about what the city is like in the winter, and how much it made me think of Europe – yes, Europe! Mulled wine, artsy hotels, snow covered parks – what continent is this!?!

    • Hehe, I think NYC is it’s own continent. Each area offers a different experience, as if you were traversing the globe. Enjoy your trip! Look forward to reading about it.

    • I definitely will! I’d love to live there myself. Hopefully sometime in the next few years I can make it work.

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