Lew’s Reviews: Mosaic House, Prague

Hotel Name: Mosaic House

Location: Odboru 4, Prague, Czech Republic


Type: Hotel and shared accommodation

Booked via: Booking.com

Overall Rating:

Planet Lew, Review

Here’s why…

  • Location: 4/6
    To get from the airport to Mosaic House, it took about an hour by bus with a change to the metro. The hotel is located near Karlovo náměstí station, which is on the B line. There is also the Myslíkova tram stop nearby on the number 14 line. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to Old Town, making this hotel pretty central. The only downfall is access to nice cafes within 100m of the hotel. We wanted breakfast on our first day and had trouble finding somewhere, as there weren’t a lot of choices.
  • Staff: 3/6
    While we had a private room in the hotel section (which could only be accessed by a security  card), the reception was in the main part of the hostel. After standing at the reception desk for about 5 minutes, while two ladies were “working” on their computers, I asked one of them if I could check-in. The said to see their colleague at the other desk. So I went to the colleague who said check-in wasn’t until 3pm and to come back. Why the first lady didn’t say this, I don’t know. We wanted to leave our luggage somewhere, but mainly being a hostel, there were only lockers. These were nearly full so we could only leave one bag and had to take the other one with us. Check-in was smooth enough, but the lady that served us didn’t appear to be as knowledgeable as some of the other staff.
  • Price: 3/6
    We paid around €115 a night. For a boutique-style hotel, I would have thought this was a reasonable price. But given it was part of a hostel and didn’t have the same boutique service, I did think it was expensive. For not much more, we probably could have found somewhere nicer. Wi-fi was free, which is always nice. But we did have to pay €2.30 to store each bag upon arrival and after check-out.
  • Room: 4/6
    The room itself was great. Once inside, we did feel like we were in a boutique hotel (which is what we were looking for). We were on the top floor (6th floor) and had a balcony overlooking the city. Lots of space, big bathroom with one of those rain shower heads and nice toiletries They also had one of those privacy windows, where you flick a switch and it goes from being a clear window to being frosted.
  • Design: 4/6
    In the hotel section, a lot of thought had been given to being eco-friendly. Something the hotel prides itself on and claims to be one of the most environmentally friendly hotel/hostel in the world. I can’t say for sure whether they were or not, but you got the impression that they tried. The rooms had sensors in them and the lights would shut off after you left (if you forgot to). A practical feature was remote controlled shutters that would close themselves if you weren’t in the room so the thermostat didn’t have to adjust to heat and cold. When you came back in to the room the shutters would open to let light in.
  • On Site: 4/6
    Being attached to a hostel, there was bar with entertainment every night, which we didn’t mind, but I can imagine if you wanted a quiet place to have a coffee, this wouldn’t be an option. The was a restaurant on site too. We had nachos one night for a snack and it wasn’t too bad.

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