London in Winter, it can be warm

I thought I’d share a few photos from a recent trip to London in Winter. A bit of a piggy back trip thanks to my partner’s training course (read: free hotel for me and much better than the EasyHotel I stayed in last time I was in London).

I never thought I’d say London in January was warm, but I was getting used to -10 degrees and snow. For the days I was in London it was plus 10 degrees (it was even 12 one day) and sunny! Yippee, no winter coat for me! Ok, ok, so that’s a bit extreme, but I was able to have just one jacket on during the day and I thought that was amazing.

London, London Bridge, Tourist, Travel  London, London Tower, Tourist, Travel  London, Portabello Road, Tourist, Travel

Another statement I’d never thought I would say, but London is pretty cheap. Well compared to Oslo. I got my hair cut coloured in Soho for half the price I would in Oslo.

As I’d already spent some London, I used this journey to discover some of it’s more gastronomic delights.

First stop, Nobu. This dessert was a chocolate ball filled with sweet goodies and cracked open with hot sake. Pow!


Everyone has a favourite meal of the day. Mine’s breakfast. When I arrive somewhere, I’m always in search of great place to start the day. On this trip I tried Tom’s Kitchen and The Breakfast Club. Both well worth a visit. Ahhh…. English breakfast tea and eggs, makes me a happy woman.

London, Breakfast, Toms Kitchen  London, Breakfast, Breakfast Club  London, Breakfast, Breakfast Club, Eggs

Those eggs were “huevos al benny”, which is a cross between huevos rancheros with chilli and avocado and eggs bennedict with poached eggs, english muffins and hollandaise sauce. A little party in my mouth for brunch.

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