Lew’s Reviews: Mosaic House, Prague

Hotel Name: Mosaic House Location: Odboru 4, Prague, Czech Republic Website: mosaichouse.com Type: Hotel and shared accommodation Booked via: Booking.com Overall Rating: Here’s why… Location: 4/6 To get from the airport to Mosaic House, it took about an hour by bus with a change to the metro. The hotel is located near Karlovo náměstí station, which is […]

First day of summer in Oslo at Musikkfest

It was the first of June, the day Oslo hosts Musikkfest. The sun was shining and even better, the temperature got above 20 degrees, which, as an Aussie living in Oslo, I was really happy about. I didn’t realise how much I had missed the warmth of the sun. What better way to enjoy the […]

Beers, Beaches and Vineyards, Perth

Over the years, I had seen a lot of Australia but never ventured over to the West Side (feel free to pronounce that “west siiieeeede!”, I know I just did). Only when I started to date a Norwegian did I put the plan in place to visit. People are surprised at how big Australia is. […]