Snowboarding in Norway

What’s the point of spending a winter in Europe if you’re not going to go skiing. There’s a reason I hoofed my snowboard all the way from Australia – I was super excited about my first trip to go snowboarding in Norway.

Finally I got the chance to carve up some of that white powdery stuff!

Trysil, Norway, Snow, Winter, Snowboarding, Ski Resort

Or so I thought. The conditions were right (bloody cold at -18), sunny and plenty of snow. My snowboarding ability had somewhat dwindled, some may even say disappeared during the eight years since I’d last been on the slopes. My board was in good condition… my muscles, not so much.

201301_Trysilb  Trysil, Norway, Snow, Winter, Snowboarding, Ski Resort

Day one was a bit sketchy with a few decent falls that resulted in bruised knees, but I was expecting a slow start. But, if you’re going to pick up snowbarding again, Trysil was definitely a beautiful place to be. Check out this sunset… (p.s. it’s about 3:30pm here)

Trysil, Norway, Snow, Winter, Snowboarding, Ski Resort, Sunset

After a day on the slopes, our cabin was a great place to relax. It came complete with log fire, sauna and big table to fit the ten of us. The view were pretty nice too.

Trysil, Norway, Snow, Winter, Snowboarding, Ski Resort, Cabin

Day two, no bad falls, but I was sooo slow. My fellow skiers must have been tired of waiting for me all of the time. We did break for a cocoa in the afternoon which was good. Unfortunately after that I completely lost the ability to stand up on my board. There I was, sitting on the ground, strapped in and ready to go, but for the life of me, could not pull myself up straight. Lucky my ski friend with a pole pulled me up. How embarrassing.

Day three I was getting in to the swing of things. A wee mishap on the t-bar lift did leave me hiking up the hill with my snowboard. Why didn’t I just ski down and try again? Well, you don’t have my crap sense of perspective and at the time I thought the top wasn’t too far away. I was corrected. But the next stop was more cocoa. Would you believe me if I said that once again I could get up on my board? It’s sad, but true. I need to do some serious core work before I hit the slopes again.

Luckily the time out on the slopes wasn’t too long, lifts opened around 9am (I think, I never was there that early) and closed around 3:30pm as the sun started to go down. The sunsets sure were colourful! Here’s another photo…

Trysil, Norway, Snow, Winter, Snowboarding, Ski Resort, Sunset

We enjoyed the après ski a little too much after skiing on the fourth day, so we all had a relaxing breakfast in the cabin before heading homewards.

Overall, a great weekend for my first time snowboarding in Norway.

Are you a snow person or a beach person?

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