First Week in Oslo

The number one item on my bucket list is to live overseas. Well, in August 2012 I moved to Oslo. This is a look at my first week in Oslo.

I must of kept the travel gods happy this time round, because both myself and my bags made it to Oslo. On time. No delays. No dramas. Except when I thought I’d left my passport on my seat on the QF5 to Singapore. I needed to show it to board the QF9 and had a mild panic attack, before finding that it had slipped to the bottom of my back pack. Phew! My past trips haven’t been so smooth – anyone else spent 56 hours in transit?

I landed in Oslo at 11am where Hans met me. First stop – IKEA! Yep, nothing like jumping straight into the Scandinavian icons upon landing. We needed to pick up a mattress – just what I wanted to do after a long-haul flight. It wasn’t too bad. Ate some meatballs. NB: the sauce is better in Sydney 😉

After sleeping about 15hours, I woke up for the first time in my new apartment. Hans headed off to work and I decided to set up my first shot for a stop-motion sequence I planned on taking. The sequence will be a set of swings I can see from our balcony. The idea is to share the changing seasons throughout the year.

Oslo, Norway, Summer

I also enjoyed a hearty meal of bread and typical Norwegian breakfast toppings.

Oslo, Norway, Breakfast, Traditional, Jarlsberg

From left to right, there’s chicken curry, Jarslberg & mayonnaise and Jarlsberg, salami & mayonnaise. All on warm bread bought in the morning. Yum!

The weather is quite unpredictable. I think this photo sums it up: a little bit sunny, a little cloudy and the occasional shower. Didn’t quite hit 20 degrees (remember its summertime here), but nice enough to wear a t-shirt outside.

Oslo, Norway, Summer

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